$20 of Frozen Treats at Golden Spoon - Orem & Draper

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12 Flavors: FAT FREE & GLUTEN FREE !! Step into Golden Spoon's sparkling red & white shop and choose from their huge selection of wonderful flavors and toppings. They use fresh refrigerated mix, that''s frozen right in their soft-serve machines when you order! ---- Just the freshest, creamiest, Frozen Yogurt you''ve ever tasted!

You know that Golden Spoon  Frozen Yogurt tastes good, but did you know how good it is for you? Non-fat frozen yogurt like Golden Spoon  is recommended by many dieticians as a good way to get the newly-increased daily allowance of dairy products. It's a good natural source of protein and calcium. In addition to these nutrients, yogurt adds the benefits of healthy digestive cultures, found by independent studies to have beneficial properties. Golden Spoon's® process ensures that these live cultures are active and present in the final product. And dieters appreciate that Golden Spoon yogurt is non-fat and very low in calories, so feel free to indulge!

Business Hours

Monday - Saturday:10:30am–10:30pm
Closed Sunday